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Scrimmage down, real games to begin!

Posted by Scott Robinson on 2/4/2018

Friday was a late night, we arrived back to our school close to 10:00pm, and I know I arrived home around 11:00pm. I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow, but the next morning I was up and looking over the video evidence of our scrimmage game against Baldwin County. So, what did I find from a game that saw our boys go down 0-3?


The effort was there, for the entire 80 minutes there was running, attepts to get into our specific team shape, and a desire to engage in individual and group contests. This mainly comes from a level of fitness that has been built up during the LONG September-December conditioning period. Many of the players who participated in that, and twinned it with serious nutritional practice, showed that they can keep up high levels of effort. One or two players are still to get there, and they will be seeing very limited minutes until they can match the levels that are set by others.

Individual errors

The game was an interesting one in that we gave up a goal 70 seconds in, mid way through the first half, and RIGHT at the end of the second half. It was also interesting that ALL three came from individual errors, whether it be one player or two miscombining. I am not mad about this, and I am not mad about it because that is EXACTlLY the purpose of a scrimmage match. Baldwin County had some very skillful and professional players who can cause problems to many, many teams in the area. They will grind anyone down over time, and I wanted there to be a test that would see how we dealt with it. We WERE NOT ground down, rather we made individual errors to allow them to score. This is something that WE can fix on the practice field.

I personally prefer the issues to be something we can control instead of just being completely outclassed.


Last year we saw 8 players graduate out of our Soccer program, and that is HUGE amount of turnover. That means that at least half of any team that we put out onto the field lacks real game time experience. While that is not a bad thing, it does mean that there is a large and steep learning curve for a lot of players. Some of our new players learned the lessons the hard way last night, they realized that they have to speed up and simplify a lot of what they do, and some of our new players adapted as they needed to. It is not a problem if new players have to make mistakes to learn (again, that is the PURPOSE of a scrimmage), it is part of a Soccer education. I would rather we learned them before we play the games that will be on YOUR Soccer record.

Central High School (Tuesday)

So now the season begins, on Tuesday the result will define how our record starts. Are we to go 1-0-0, 0-1-0, or 0-0-1?

I believe that YOU can beat Central again, and if I were the Central Coach I would believe that they could beat Westside. Last year we FINALLY managed to beat them, but it was only 2-0, and it was a tense game for a long time. When rivals play, a lot of the talent becomes less important, and effort, desire, and ability to keep a clear head can be the difference, remember that!

Season Records

Finally, we went 5-7-1 last year and that was amazing!

If you need some perspective, before I took over last year, the records looked like this

2016: 1-12

2015: 0-14

2014: 0-12

2013: 2-12

2012: 0-12

2011: 2-13

2010: 3-13

So, we did something amazing LAST YEAR, but that was last year. I want to break the records again THIS YEAR.

I am setting a goal and a challenge (I use 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss).

Last year, 16 points from a possible 39

This year: WE WILL GET MORE THAN 16 points!

It starts Tuesday,

Dare to Dream,


Next week it begins

Posted by Scott Robinson on 1/26/2018

So, this is the final week whereby we will be practicing without a game to follow; come next week there will be a game at the end of the week, there will be a chance to engage in competition against a team who (a) has traditionally been stronger than us, and (b) will provide a stern challenge for our young and emerging team.

Some things that we have to ackowledge

1. We are a very young team, one that graduated a lot of players last year. I mention this because we broke records last year, but life presented us with a challenge of saying goodbye to many people who were a part of what made that happen. As it stands 50% of our current team remains from last year. This does not mean that we have regressed, far from it. What it means is that 50% of the team have to maintain the standards of last year, and 50% of the team have something to which to aspire.

2. We do not have the option to operate at less than 100%, now I mention this because it is easy to get carried away when you are doing well. Think back to last season, I inherited a team who were a tragic 1-12, and we went out and won the first game 3-1. Remember what followed that, we lost a couple in a row, and that was humbling. While we recovered and broke school records, it was OUR fault that we allowed ourselves to believe that we could show up, play, and reap the same rewards. I FAILED in managing expectations, I SHOULD have stressed this point after that first game. YOU FAILED in staying humble, YOU SHOULD have understood that hard work and mental dedication got you that victory.

3. What you eat, how you train, your attitude to life, ALL matter in direct realtion to what happens on game days. Some of you might think that all Coaches just say "behave in class, grades up, act right at home" because that is what is supposed to be said. However, with me it is more than that, I PROMISE on all I hold dear that I believe it. All of you know that I make the time to see each of you EVERY lunch period, and I work to not juts say "don't eat that", but I tell you why and how every thing has an impact on you and your performance. Think about that, and understand that getting to class on time is a mentality, it shows you are aware of your surroundings and expectations. When I catch you tardy, and YOU KNOW I walk those halls, I WILL MAKE YOU DO YOUR PUSH UPS. I will drill muscle memory into you regarding your diligence to life beyond my soccer field. On the respect thing, I would not suggest you try me on that, I have never disrespected you, even when annoyed, and you show me the same. However, I do not disrespect anyone in life, even if they are absolutely horrid in their approach to me. I expect the same of you. Remember what I say on game days, when someone utters mean words, slurs, etc, say "thank you" and know you own them by being the better man.

4. Service. You all know that Thursday represents the Adopt a Teacher for Fitness day. Why do I do this? Well, I want you to learn that hand shakes, eye contact, respectually accepting no as an answer, and helping others is part of not only being a team, but being a man. I live this, think about how many times you have asked for me help and I have gladly served. How many times I have stayed behind practice to help you, how many times I have helped you with your academics, how often I just try to help you work through personal issues. or how I follow up with you when I set you a target. This is SERVICE.

7 days, gentlemen.



Season is about to begin

Posted by Scott Robinson on 1/7/2018

Westside High School,

I will not accept anything less than breaking records every single season, I will accept nothing less than proving people wrong, I will accept nothing less than excellence.

Before I took over, our record was 1-12, we had old uniforms, and we were often asked to be the Senior Night for MULTIPLE schools. One year later, our record advanced to 5-7-1, and NOBODY managed to mercy rule us. While that is not a proud statement, we had suffered multiple in previous years. We beat teams by record scores, and top teams were only able to beat us by a few goals. WE GREW!

As we face the 17-18 season, I am faced with leading only the boys and not the girls. I was proud of both teams last year, but this year I must focus on the team that I am charged with leading. A record of 5 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie was a major improvement, but I am not happy with that. I WILL do better, I affirm that into the world, I expect better of myself, and I expect better of the players that have stuck with me.

In 2-3 weeks, the season will begin, and I cannot express how excited I am about this. I am blessed to have so many diligent and talented young men by my side. If these young men drop their will to work hard, I will cut them. If they let their grades drop, I will drop them. However, if they want to be excellent student-athletes, I will give them everything they need to be a success for the rest of their lives.



Coach Robinson

Conditioning steps up, people drift away, the program moves into high gear

Posted by Scott Robinson on 11/12/2017

9 weeks in!

So, we are now around 9 weeks into conditioning. Why do I believe this to be important? Because this is around the point that many other programs begin to condition. The goal of the first 9 weeks was to develop a base level of fitness that would put us ahead of the people with whom we compete. As they begin to run, spring, showcase endurance, I demand that each of us can now complete multiple sets of work outs with 20lbs strapped to our backs and chests, while running up and down a hill.

These first 9 weeks have been mostly good work, we have seen many young men develop a much stronger base of fitness from which to work, we have seen many young men come to terms with what it means to move beyond limits that existed only in their heads, we have seen many young men make decisions about whether they wish to grow or now.

This brings me to...

Expectations and support!

We have seen a good number of people decide that they do not wish to continue with trying to be part of the program, and this is ok. Some of these young men might even read this, and this is good. What we demand of those in our program are work ethic, good citizenship, and a surrendering to a process that builds strength, both physical and mental. Some people are not ready for that yet, but there is love in the program, and hope that one day you might be able to do so.

What is my point there? My point, to all of those involved in the program, is to never negotiate your expectations for yourself and others. However, when others struggle, we encourage them, we support them, we model excellence for them, we pick them up when they fall, but we do not negotiate our expectations.

4 more weeks before Christmas break!

There are a mere 4 weeks until we go our seperate ways for Christmas break and, upon our return, we will be a small step from tryouts, and the season starting. This is crunch time, gentlemen. Now we have other teams conditioning, other teams setting expectations, other teams developing ways of playing, and (some) other teams recalling what we did to them (or failed to do to them) last season. YOU must set your own expectations for yourself and those around you. YOU must decide where the program goes from here. YOU must insist upon a standard at Westside, one that YOU KNOW is beyond that at other schools.

Dare to Dream, Care to Conquer!

What do you believe can be achieved?

Week two of conditioning, nutrition, being a man, and where we are going.

Posted by Scott Robinson on 10/3/2017

So, we are now into week two of conditioning and preperation for the 2018 season. Time will begin to pass faster and faster as we perceive it, and it is important that we constantly tighten our focus and redefine our limits.

Conditioning: Week one saw many struggle, and I am sure that there were a large amount of potential players who went home exhausted and ready to sleep. This is a good sign as it shows you are pushing your body to redefine itself in each and every session. The purpose of conditioning is to prepare your body for what will be expected of you IF you are to be a part of my team. We are FAR from where I will expect us to be come the start of the season, my expectations are grand, and you can ask any current player of this. Conditioning HAS to get harder every single week, it HAS to. We will have to start adding weight vests to our runs, to our squats, we will have to get to 100 push ups, normal, wide, or diamond. You will have to be able to jog for prolonged periods of time and then to be able to produce a dynamic sprint, then heading back into a jog. If you are exhausted and sore in conditioning, good! If you are struggling to keep up, you NEED to do additional work at home. I do not say that to be cruel, I want each and every one of you to participate, but there is no point if you can only be a burden to your brothers on the field. You will not enjoy that, and Soccer is a game to be enjoyed.

Conditioning will only get harder from week to week. Remember one of Westside's mottos, "We are Prepared"

Nutrition: I had fun today, and for those who don't know, I enjoyed hanging out with a group of players during lunch. We decided that fried food would not help us redefine physical limits so we disposed of Doritos, took away the sugar-filled juice from our fruit cups, skinned our Chicken to reduce the fats, and wrapped it in Lettuce instead of white bread. While that was fun, and we laughed about it, the food we put into our bodies will directly impact our performance. There is a saying that you cannot out work a bad diet, and that is completely true when you talk about high level sports.

We want to be Lions, and Lions do not eat greasy man-made foods. They eat what they find in nature. For us that is Fruits, Veggies, and Lean Meat. As Dr. Daniely likes us to remember, "We hold ourselves accountable"

Being a Man: Man with a capital "M" . I expect you all to be Men, and I should explain what it is to be a man so that you can rise to the challenge. Becoming a man means that you are able to understand the hurdles that life will put in your path, and it means that you are able to make tough decisions so that the preferred outcome happens. Being a man is about resisting temptation. Being a man is about contributing to the world instead of merely taking from the world.

Maleswho put their head down in class and complain when the work is hard are not men. They are showcasing a desire to do what is easy and preferred. Males who walk to class because they have only 10 seconds to get to class, claiming a run would not make it anyway are not men. Males who cannot resist but verbally retort with others are not men. Students who proclaim to be bad, big, tough are not men.

Men keep their heads up not when it is easy, but when it is seemingly impossible. Men run even when they know they cannot make it. Men listen and understand that someone talking is a sign they need only listen. I have met a lot of men in my life, and they are all secure in their self, any male who tells me how big and tough he is nothing more than wasted air.

As a man, we focus on goals, we give to the world instead of taking away from it. We wish everyone well, we are confident as young man. Life gives you chances every day. Choose not to take from the world, choose to contribute. Our final Noles Expectation, "We show respect for all"

Where we go from here: There is a saying I adore, "Luck is what happens when preperation meets opportunity". We continue to prepare so that people can continue to call us lucky. Last year a lot of people said we were lucky in breaking school records, I prefer to think we created luck through intense and focused preperation.

Dare to Dream!

The season begins tomorrow (Conditioning)

Posted by Scott Robinson on 9/24/2017

Good evening everyone,

The season begins tomorrow, at least it does for me, for we begin conditioning.

There are two important reasons for us to begin conditioning this early: developing fitness and mentalities AND finding out what type of people want to join our SOCCER FAMILY,

1. Fitness- This is very important because our game has always been about organization, intelligence, and physical diligence over an entire game. We do not want to carry a large squad, rather we want to carry a strong group in which everyone can do the job correctly for the entire gama without missing a step. We will work our bodies to the point of exhaustion on day one, and we will redefine exhaustion with each passing week. YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS A DAY. I plan in a very detailed way, you know this, so surrender to the plan and accept excellence.

2. New people- The program saw some excellent people graduate, and we need to find the right people to welcome into our family. We all know the expectation, but talk is talk. Conditioning gives us a chance to see new people up close and in person. I personally want to see you new, potential Seminole Soccer players showcase my values.

So, last year we went from your year before me (1-12) to our first year together (5-7-1), and all of a sudden we had repaired our reputation, right? WRONG! We had only STARTED to repair that reputation. Teams will be entitled to belive that we had a lucky year, that we would struggle to sustain what happened last year. That will happen if conditioning is anything other than YOU GIVING EVERYTHING EVERY SINGLE DAY. I want our record to improve again, I want to say that we not only broke a school record, but that we make a habit out of breaking school records.

Are you ready? I am!

Look at how far we came last year!

2016 record

2017 record

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